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While Japan’s economy is considered a consumer electronics powerhouse, credit card payments in the country remain surprisingly far behind. Running low on cash can be a hassle, as ATMs that understand English and accept non-Japanese bank and credit cards are difficult to come by, even in a major city like Tokyo. Currency exchange locations are limited and are available only from local post offices and larger 7-Eleven shops. And seeing several cash machines at the same location may prove difficult to select the right one, so it’s always a good idea to exchange your US dollars to Japanese yen before your trip.

TIP:  Keeping cash on you while walking is generally considered safe in Japan as pickpocketing is rare.


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Planning some relaxation at the beautiful beaches or the breathtaking countryside of New Zealand? While you’re not likely to run into any issues using a credit card or debit card when visiting most of the country, it’s still a good idea to pad your wallet with some cash for small item spending and emergencies

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Many restaurants throughout New Zealand offer BYO (Bring Your Own), allowing you to bring a bottle of wine to your meal and saving you more money.

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